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PUP Our Herald of Musical Delight! Tie Dye T-Shirt

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It's the year 2054. Terra. Technocracy reigns. A ubiquitous and sinister artificial intelligence named "Project Omniopteryx" extends its tendrils to every corner of reality. An endless blanket of lights called "The Technosphere" sits as a Sun's corona across the surface of the Earth. An opaque outer crust above a sprawling survivalist nightmare. True dystopia. The "Omnis", a name that humans have given the AI and it's enforcers, have used discrete packets of culture - memes and NFTs - to wage psychological warfare and divide humanity. Beneath the Technosphere, an underground resistance known as "The Fractal Insurgency" stages humanity's ultimate defense and works to rebuild what is all but lost. But, humans are learning to trust each other again. Trade has resumed, though conventional money no longer exists. Survival is moment to moment, and creature comforts are all but a distant memory. Now, the only tangible physical currency amongst the last of our species is tie dye t-shirts. So, ask yourself: what are you willing to do to survive the future?  Livestream Free or Tie-Dye Hard.
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