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Vile Creature Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! VHS

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When apathy creeps up on you, there’s no place to hide! Slithering into every dark crevice of your psyche, wrapping tendrils of complacency around your creativity and squeezing the very life out of your ambition. That is until...VILE CREATURE.
The intrepid duo have made it their mission to illuminate the darkest of corners, to set free your wildest dreams and to banish apathy from life as we know it. With sonic emissions akin to dazzling beams of nihilism-destroying energy, the tables have turned and now it is apathy itself that is left with no place to hide.

This VHS release includes visual videos for the entire record & the full music video for You Who Has Never Slept, and comes with a digital download of the record for those times when you are torn away from your beloved VCR. Limited to 100 copies with artwork by Stephen Wilson, Visuals by Andrew Notsch, & Music Video by Raissa Dietl.
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