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Dboy For President 7"

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DBOY’s 13 point program to end sonic austerity  DBOY is the medium of self-discovery. DBOY has seized the means of production in order to keep Welland the center of the universe. DBOY forfeits personal identity in pursuit of the greater good. DBOY aggressively maintains complete control, from the top of a wave that keeps cresting. DBOY is a rite of a passage, minus the ‘p’. DBOY defies subpar emotional cronyism, and invests in a plain in where the art of noise occupies all. DBOY bans all imports of individual influence in order to unionize creative control. DBOY is a three piece band; quantic limitations are appropriated as sonic opportunities. DBOY write rock and roll, because rock and roll is what matters. DBOY take on the laborious task of developing novelty and shock so you don’t have to. DBOY is self-reflexive and hyper aware. DBOY firmly holds that inconsistencies can and will be blamed on the lake effect. DBOY is here and now. With open arms, from the center of the darkest hole -- DBOY is yours.